Single restaurantOS to run your business

Versatile restaurantOS capable of meeting the needs of restaurants of all sizes
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Upgrade your business

Equip your restaurant with a platform that allows your administrators, waiters and executives to sync so that guests are always delighted with your service.
track your order

Make smart data-driven decisions

With detailed sales analysis, you can make smart decisions that will ensure your restaurant has a bright future. Plus, you can access data from any device from anywhere in the world!
  • See which products are selling well or when you have the most crowded time
  • Have a detailed overview of all bills and orders, whether paid, unfinished or canceled
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Flexible inventory management

Often the hardest part in a restaurant is managing a warehouse. Inventory counts, new deliveries, building recipes. It costs a lot of time and nerves. With Immerly you can simplify the whole process to the maximum!
  • Reduce errors and save time with our paperless mobile solution, which lets you do live inventory counts.
  • Upload images or scans of your invoices and Immerly will automatically upload your new delivery to the warehouse
  • Track your margins and leftovers to always know which product you should sell the most.
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Ease of operations

The hardest part is saying goodbye - even in a restaurant. Paying, splitting bills, tips ... it sometimes costs a lot of time and nerves. Simplify the whole process to the maximum so that your guests want to come over and over again!
  • Split, merge, join and move your orders with one click
  • Sell take-away ​​food and drinks to your guests, easily separating taxes between different sales methods
  • Set up your own discounts
  • Do your guests want only half of the product? Immerly makes it possible!
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reliable POS

Reliable point of sale

Immerly also offers a POS system designed to simplify your restaurant day-to-day operations. It will help to cope with the hustle and bustle in restaurants with a large number of visitors!
  • Thanks to fast and intuitive operation, orders and payments are processed at lightning speed
  • Your staff has a complete overview of all orders - whether they are at the bar or in the kitchen
  • Your data is completely safe. No one but you and your employees has access to them
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You can buy equipment for your restaurant at any time, whether it is a terminal, a cash drawer or a printer.

Thermal printer

Cash drawer

Reliable payment terminal

Why Immerly?

We increase revenues

With clear sales and inventory data, you gain a better understanding of your key products

We save time

Thanks to the clear user interface and a lot of automation in your warehouse, you will have time that you can devote to guests, for example.

Payment terminals

Start taking credit cards today! We will provide you with everything you need at a great price!

One system for everyone

We build our system both for our clients and for our clients' customers. Our goal is to make you successful and your guests happy.

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