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Immerly is an innovative application for running a restaurant. Monitor your business, control your warehouse and make data-based business decisions using one platform!
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Warehouse and analytics in one package

Restaurant success analytics

Increase revenue by optimizing your product matrix and prices

With Immerly, you will quickly learn about the most profitable and unprofitable products, allowing you to decide to eliminate or increase sales of specific items.

Reduce waste

With Immerly, you can reduce your waste by discovering items that stay in storage longest.

Be in control

Mobile friendliness and a clean user interface allow you to make decisions on the fly

Innovative warehouse management

Save your and your employees time

By automating annoying processes, you can save at least 5 hours a week on warehouse management.

Automatic invoice recognition

No more manual rewriting of invoices, with our technology you can save time and reduce errors in your warehouse.

Paperless warehouse

Immerly's warehouse management is a complete digital solution, archaic time-consuming processes such as inventory counts and other are now fully digitized

For your type of business

Our solution takes into account the specifics of different types of gastronomic establishments.
We will meet your needs!

For restaurants

Flawless and perfectly coordinated warehouse and sales analytics. With Immerly, your restaurant will be the perfect business machine!

For cafes

Thanks to the simple and intuitive interface, you will spend less time in front of Excel sheets and more time producing the perfect Cold Brew. And that's a different coffee!

Point of sale for cafes

Thanks to a simple and intuitive POS system, baristas spend less time at the cash register and more time brewing the perfect Coffee!

For bars

A bartender is like a psychotherapist and a showman in one - ofcourse, if there is enough time. With Immerly, your staff gets enough time to mix guests drinks they never dreamed of!

Why Immerly?

We increase revenues

With clear sales and inventory data, you gain a better understanding of your key products

We save time

Thanks to the clear user interface and a lot of automation in your warehouse, you will have time that you can devote to guests, for example.

Payment terminals

You can start taking credit cards today. We will provide you with everything you need for that and at a great price!

One system for everyone

A thriving business, it is a combination of an informed owner, motivated service and satisfied guests. One does not work without the other and our system is here for everyone.

Advantages of the Immerly POS

Accounting reports

Easily export your accounting data to Excel, quickly check that everything is in order, and send it to your accountant!

Your data is securely protected in the cloud

The data transmitted by our system is highly secure. No one but you will have access to them. However, the owner has the ability to access the system from anywhere in the world.

No additional monthly fees

With us, you pay one price for everything you need: NONSTOP telephone support, application updates and an unlimited number of products and users. You will have all of this in one license.

Something extra?

Is your cash register slow and annoying?
Get a fully integrated Immerly system together with our point of sale!

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